Saturday, May 29, 2010

Week 25

My sister Heather and my niece Charlotte came out to visit this weekend. They stayed with us which was great because I got to monopolize their time, and have tons of one on one time with Charlotte in which I didn't have to share her with anybody! She is so sweet, and having her here this weekend really made me glad that my son and Charlotte will be so close in age. It will be great that they will get to grow up together...I just wish they lived closer!

We went to our friend's baby's gender reveal party on Saturday. It was such a special time to be with them as they found out they will be having a little girl! Mike and Kristin are going to be amazing parents and their daughter will be blessed because of them. It will be exciting to share the ups and downs of parenting with them!

While my sister was here we also were able to register! She was such a help and having her there really helped me not to feel overwhelmed by all of the baby "stuff!" It seems like entering this stage of life requires learning a new language...the language of "Baby Gear." I'm so glad she was here to walk me through the aisles pointing out the items I'll need and the ones not to bother with. I have always loved having an older sister and even as I get older I learn to value that relationship on deeper levels. Love you Heather and Charlotte!

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