Thursday, November 3, 2011

We Have A Walker!

Wes has been on the cusp of walking for about a month now. For a few weeks he would only walk between Ryan and I. We would sit facing each other and encourage him to walk between us. But over the last couple of days he will stand up on his own and walk! I caught him walking down the hall and also walking from the middle of his room to his dresser. The other night we went down to the beach to see the tide pools, and captured him taking a few steps on the sand. And tonight as I write this he will stand up, takes a few steps, repeat! I think we can officially say that he "is walking!"

I am really excited that at 14 months he has reached this milestone. I find it funny when people say that it gets harder once they are walking. I know that we might have to do things slower because he will want to walk on his own instead of being carried and that I will be chasing after him more. But I am really excited for this new independence for him and the new stage that this brings us to. I am thankful for the long time we have had between milestones. I feel like we have really gotten to enjoy each stage of development to it's fullest.

A few of the precious walking moments we captured and the beautiful beach setting... we are so blessed!