Tuesday, November 27, 2012



Your new favorite word is "FUN!" and you say it with such enthusiasm. I love that you can say this word now because you love to tell us when you're having "FUN!"

We'll spin you around and you'll say it, or when we drive over speed bumps, or when you watch your favorite part in the Cars movie you'll say it then too.

I just love to hear you say it because I love to know what you think is "FUN!" Like when we're chasing you and you run with your little arms held out to the side, or you're running back and forth on the couch, or when we pile the blankets and pillows on the floor so you can jump on them.

You even say, "So FUN!" When you're really having a good time!

Wesley, YOU'RE "FUN!" And I have so much fun being your Mommy!

I love you!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

ChooChoos, BatGoats & Halloween!

This week was fun! Ryan had to work on Saturday so Wes and I met the Doans at the Irvine Railroad Park. Wes had a blast playing with Olivia and Evan, riding on the train, and petting the animals at the petting zoo. It was so funny: the animals were wearing costumes for Halloween and I brought Wes to one of the goats to pet it. He started petting the costume and not the actual goat. Oh Wes! He also got to pet a snake, a hissing cockroach (ew!) and see some bears and a mountain lion!

Tuesday night we met the Livseys at Disneyland. Wes loooooooves Nathan! They are such buddies. It is always a refreshing time being with them, our friendship is so easy. It was great seeing the Halloween decorations, and riding Finding Nemo (Wes loves this movie right now so it was fun seeing him experience this ride). We also went on Haunted Mansion which had been redecorated for Nightmare Before Christmas. Wes got scared in the elevator portion but ended up liking the ride at the end.

On Wednesday of this week it was Halloween. Wes really got it this year! We met the Doans at their old neighborhood and had so much fun trick-or-treating with them. After taking Wes up to about 3 houses he got the concept and started taking off running down the sidewalk with Olivia. It was so fun to watch him be such a kid! He was wearing a blue dinosaur/monster thing that had a tail and it was so cute watching his little tail wag back and forth as he ran down the side walk.

We went to Gromie and Papa's after and saw them for a little bit. Then we went to our own street and walked up and down. It was great, our street had several houses that really went all out! Wes stood in front of a few of them for awhile trying to figure out what to make of all the scary things. One place even had a bubble machine that had fog inside the bubbles. Wes loved playing with those! We were there for awhile. Haha!

Wes got the hang of saying "treat" this week, and is ALWAYS asking for one. I guess if you're going to learn the word "treat" this is the perfect time of year!