Tuesday, November 27, 2012



Your new favorite word is "FUN!" and you say it with such enthusiasm. I love that you can say this word now because you love to tell us when you're having "FUN!"

We'll spin you around and you'll say it, or when we drive over speed bumps, or when you watch your favorite part in the Cars movie you'll say it then too.

I just love to hear you say it because I love to know what you think is "FUN!" Like when we're chasing you and you run with your little arms held out to the side, or you're running back and forth on the couch, or when we pile the blankets and pillows on the floor so you can jump on them.

You even say, "So FUN!" When you're really having a good time!

Wesley, YOU'RE "FUN!" And I have so much fun being your Mommy!

I love you!

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