Monday, September 28, 2009

This One Is For Kristin & Melinda

I dedicate this blog post to Kristin and Melinda who have faithfully bugged... um I mean, encouraged me to post another entry, and who have checked our blog only to be disappointed daily that I haven't had a new entry in almost a year! (So sorry!)

On Sunday a group of us went to Disneyland. We all recently got passes, and it is so fun to be there with them! It is also my favorite time of year to visit because all of the holiday decorations are on display. It is so nice to just go for a few hours, go on a few rides, and spend some good time with good friends!

I finally ordered a new lens for my camera, too, so I had some fun playing around with it while at the Park.


The Brooks!


The Weddes!

California Screamin Brook/McCawley-style

California Screamin Wedde-style

Space Mountain (newly decorated for Halloween!)

Ryan's complimentary color portrait

California Adventure Lights

We are really thankful to be able to spend a few fun hours in the park with our friends, but even more thankful that we get to share life with them!